4N-7N high purity Indium Metal ingot

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Product name:Indium Metal ingot
Appearance:silver white metal
Specifications:500+/-50g/ingot or 2000g+/-50g
CAS No.7440-74-6

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Product name Indium Metal  ingot
Appearance silver white metal
Specifications 500+/-50g/ingot or 2000g+/-50g
Resistance 8.37 mΩ cm
Melting point 156.61℃
Boiling point 2060℃
Relative density d7.30
CAS No. 7440-74-6
EINECS No. 231-180-0
Purity 99.995%-99.99999%(4N-7N)

Packaging: Each ingot weighs approximately 500g. After vacuum packaging with polyethylene film bags, they are packed in iron through packaging, weighing 20 kilograms per barrel.


in metal
in ingot


Indium is mainly used in the production of ITO targets (used in the production of liquid crystal displays and flat panel screens), which is the main consumer area of indium ingots, accounting for 70% of global indium consumption. Next are the fields of electronic semiconductors, solders and alloys, research, and medicine: indium colloids for liver, spleen, and bone marrow scanning. Placental scan using indium Fe ascorbic acid. Liver blood pool scanning using indium transferrin.

Indium  is used for flat panel display coating, information materials, high-temperature superconducting materials, special solders for integrated circuits, high-performance alloys, as well as many high-tech fields such as national defense, medical equipment, and high-purity reagents, products with high added value, such as LCD televisions, solar cells, aviation bearings, and engine bearings, cannot do without indium.

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Store the container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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