Nuclear grade Zirconium tetrachloride CAS 10026-11-6 ZrCl4 powder with factory price

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We supply nuclear grade Zirconium tetrachloride powder.

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Product Name: Zirconium tetrachloride
CAS No.: 10026-11-6
Compound Formula: ZrCl4
Molecular Weight: 233.04
Appearance: Off-white shiny crystal powder
Package: 20kg/drum
Net Weight: 20kg
Gross Weight: 22.3kg


Item Specification
Appearance White Shiny Crystal Powder
Purity ≥99.5%
Zr ≥38.5%
Hf ≤100ppm
SiO2 ≤50ppm
Fe2O3 ≤150ppm
Na2O ≤50ppm
TiO2 ≤50ppm
Al2O3 ≤100ppm


Zirconium tetrachloride is used to form zirconium nitride coatings, to react electrochemically to form zirconia in high-temperature fuel cells, to react with alcohols to form alkoxides, and to produce zirconium organometallic compounds. Zirconium tetrachloride is reduced by molten alkali and alkaline earth metals, yielding zirconium metal.

Used in catalysts and reagents and to make water-repellent textiles, leather, and other zirconium compounds; Used as a chemical reagent and to make high-temperature fuel cells, zirconium nitride coatings, and zirconium organometallic compounds

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1kg per bag fpr samples, 25kg or 50kg per drum, or as you required.


Store the container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place.

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